Rust Repairs Ashburton

Rust Repairs on Heavy Vehicles, Trucks, and buses

Renowned for an array of automotive solutions, our rust repairs service stands as a key offering. Combining years of experience with advanced techniques, we strive to deliver unrivalled quality in this area.

Eradicate Heavy Vehicle Rust with Bus & Truck Body Works

Rust, often subtle until it's too late, can substantially degrade your vehicle's structure and, if ignored, pose serious safety risks. We specialize in early detection and effective eradication of rust, keeping your vehicle safe and functional.

Our rust repair services are comprehensive, tailored to meet the needs of various vehicles - from trucks, buses and cars to vans, utes, and heavy farm machinery. Our expert team is proficient at identifying early signs of rust, conducting thorough inspections of the vehicle, especially focusing on rust-prone areas.

Upon detecting rust, we adhere to a systematic process to eliminate it. This involves stripping the affected areas until only healthy metal remains, treating it with top-quality rust inhibitors, and if necessary, replacing rusted panels.

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Bus & Truck Body Works - Your Trusted Partner for All Vehicle Repairs

Professional Rust Repair Services at Bus & Truck Body Works

In instances of severe rust damage requiring substantial structural repairs, we are well-equipped to replace entire sections of the chassis or bodywork, always in compliance with safety standards and manufacturer guidelines.

After treatment, we seal your vehicle with high-grade, rust-resistant coatings for long-term protection, enhancing not only the vehicle's safety but also its aesthetic appeal.

At Bus & Truck Body Works, we see rust repairs as an investment in your vehicle's longevity and safety, not merely a cosmetic fix. We offer transparent communication throughout the repair process, keeping you informed about the progress of the job and any additional work that may be required.

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